Every transport box must meet IATA standards. Any other kennel will be refused for carriage from the respective Airline.
Animals First offers the full range of IATA approved kennels for cats and dogs, as well as customized boxes for rodents, reptiles, birds and other animals.
All sizes of US made “Skykennels” are on stock at any time!



Picking the correct size of kennel is of major importance for your animals’ wellbeing.

Try before you buy!
Please see the picture of our model Roxy below and check out where to pay special attention:




  • Roxy is able to stand and sit erect
  • She can lie down in a natural position with paws extended
  • Her container offers enough space to turn around and enable a safe trip
  • Roxy’s container is too short to stand and sit erect
  • She needs to duck in order to see out and can not lie down with paws extended
  • Her box is not wide enough to turn around comfortably